Week of August_13, 2017

City Administrator Tobin reached out to XCEL to discuss the damage and ongoing frustration with the gas line replacement project in Oakridge.

The XCEL representative seemed receptive to the concerns we raised.  Hopefully, the restoration will be thorough and responsive to these concerns.

Tobin and I met with the Washington County sergeant and one patroller to discuss certain problem properties (continual noise ordinance violators) in Birchwood, as well as to discuss the burglaries earlier this summer and traffic speeds along Birchwood Avenue.  They continue to remind us that these incidents were opportunistic…in other words, lock your house, lock your car doors, and do not give someone the chance to take advantage of your situation.  The meeting was productive and a good way to keep the sheriff’s office posted regarding our concerns.

Please give us your feedback if you see issues that remain unresolved.

Ben Creagh (Birchwood Roads Committee and Lake Links Steering Committee) offered the following info:  The next meeting of the Lake Links (Bike/Ped) Association will occur on Monday, August 21 at the Mahtomedi District Education Center, 1520 Mahtomedi Avenue, at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome.  Among discussion items will be the possibility of another bike ride in the fall including a tour of various historic areas around the lake, among them the Mahtomedi Chautauqua, located at our meeting site.  Commander Jeremy Ellison of the St. Paul Police Dept. will discuss pedestrian safety.  He is part of St. Paul’s innovative “Stop For Me” campaign of education and enforcement regarding crosswalks and pedestrian safety in general.  The goal of the Lake Links Association is to provide safe routes, trail linkage, trails, paths and parks in the area near White Bear Lake.  More information can be found online: http://www.lakelinks.net/.  

The great horned owl (which I now suspect is really a long eared owl) was perched on the ice rink pole in the wee hours of the morning last week.  It was too dark to see, but its silhouette suggested it was the juvenile we saw previously.  It was talking somewhat between a screech and a scream.  Only a solitary cardinal had the guts to be singing nearby.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and let me know if you have any questions or concerns; wingfield.mary@gmail.com.