Week of July 23, 2017

What's new in Birchwood?  That was the question my mother would ask when I popped in to see her.  I was usually able to offer a story or tidbit that started a discussion or sparked a smile from her.  There were many  stories over the past eight years.  We often joked that that would be the title of a book (much like James Herriot's stories), if I ever got around to it.  I have not, but the title works well for this blog.  I hope you agree.


My neighbor and I walk our dogs daily through town.  This picture of a Great Horned Owl is the highlight of our week.  We came across this one (momma?) and another smaller one (juvenile?) in the trees around Hall's Marsh.  Momma was not really bothered by either of us or the dogs.  The juvenile kept a bit more distance from us.  Neither of us had ever seen two owls in such close proximity before.


Tobin has been out of the office this week on a well-deserved vacation, so I pitched in and helped with making sure the keys were transferred to a Hall renter from White Bear Lake.  It is nice reflection on our community that others want to share and use our public spaces.  We truly are unique in many ways.


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