Week of April 7, 2019

We have had a lot of standing water in the Village this year, much more than normal.  There was a large area of standing water at Cedar and East Line Road.  Washington County is responsible for the culvert that was plugged at that intersection as well as the culvert under the driveway just to the north.  Nevertheless, the city had a crew get a pump in place and took care of the problem.  Going forward, we will be asking the county to address and correct the problem.  The best solution going forward is for the county to install a catch basin and underground pipe.  We will petition the county to do so when East County Line will be rebuilt, which does not seem to be soon enough.
Tighe-Schmitz Park also had a lot of standing water in March.  The water was backed up into the Park due to the high water in Hall's Marsh.  At first blush, it appeared that the exit pipe from the marsh into White Bear Lake was restricted or clogged.  We notified Rice Creek Watershed District and, fortunately, they sent out a crew immediately.  It turns out the underground pipe was flowing at full capacity.  The problem was just that we had too much water and frozen ground.  So like many other communities, we had abnormal flooding.
The recent warmer weather accelerated the thaw and most of the area has returned to upland.  Let's hope the weather does not exacerbate the situation in the months and years to come.