The Parks and Natural Resources Committee

The Parks and Natural Resources Committee was terminated during the December 10, 2019, Birchwood Village City Council meeting and was reinstated at the February 14, 2023, City Council Meeting. It consists of the following members:

Zachary Michalk, Chair
Alan Mitchell, Secretary
Justin McCarthy, City Council Liaison
Kathy Weier, City Council Liaison
Mary Simmons
Jennifer Arsenault
Amy Hulett 

The purpose of the Committee is to maintain and enhance all the public areas within the City of Birchwood, including: Tighe-Schmitz Park; Bloomquist Field; Wildwood Park; Nordling Park; Kurt Feistner Preserve; Ash, Grotto, and Birch walkways; Ash, Elm, Kay, Dellwood, and Birch Beaches; and other public spaces within the City. 

The Committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month.