La Revue Moderne Illustree des Arts et de la Vie, Aug 30, 1932

Week of December 2, 2018

I was digging into the history of our city hall recently as we are looking into addressing some issues with the exterior.  And since our 100 year centennial is coming up, it seemed like a good time to reconnect with the past.  
When I was growing up, the hall used to have vertical siding and was white. I also knew the ornamentation around the front door was hidden behind the current boards because we saw it during the recent sidewalk reconstruction project.
The White Bear Historical Society did not have any old pictures of the hall so I was referred to the Washington County Historical Society. We hit the jackpot! It turns out our "town hall" was profiled in the August 30, 1932 edition of "La Revue Moderne Illustree des Arts et de la Vie" as a notable Art Deco example by architect Magnus Jemme. M. Jemme also designed the Women's Museum of Art that is at Cedar and Kellogg in St. Paul, and that building is often regarded as a unique treasure.
This is a picture of our "town hall" replete with the original shutters and lintel adornments. What a beautiful piece of history we have!