Week of July 29, 2018

Last week I got an inquiry from the Star Tribune about the city bell tower that is going up as a Boy Scout eagle project. The reporter liked the "feel good" story.  I think there will be a story coming up in the Strib in a couple of weeks. Be sure to look for it.
David Doughty is the eagle scout. Gene Ruehle is acting as the project coordinator with the engineer (Bill Becklin), and contractor (Andy Sorenson); volunteering their time. Also volunteering are engineer Steve Thatcher and architect Doug Danks. Thanks to everyone!
Expect to see substantial progress on it at the city hall in the next week or two. The project must be done by early September as Dave turns 18 and it must be completed by his 18th birthday.
Thanks to all for making this project a reality.  It will be a nice addition for our 100 year celebration in three years!