Week of April 29, 2018

White Bear High School Student Jada Brown from Hugo lent her buckthorn removal skills to Birchwood last weekend.  She took off work to go after the stubborn bush.  The removal was made much more difficult because a prior crew years ago did not remove the roots allowing the plants to sucker up much more vigorously.  We spent loads of elbow grease digging out the entire plant--each and every one.
On Saturday Jada and I tackled a swath at the southeastern corner of Cedar and Birchwood Ave.  On Sunday we got reinforcements from the community and we made traction on the southern edge of the Cedar.  We are now buckthorn free for a great portion of the park south and east of the tennis court.
Thanks to Doug and Megan Hough, Kevin Woolstencroft, Bridget Sperl, James Nelson, Joy Hogenson, and of course Jada!  See our intrepid crew below and note the opened woodland in the background.  This will make much better habitat for birds and wildlife in the years to come.