Week of July 22, 2018

Barn Quilt "trails" are found throughout Minnesota and the country.
My mom and I first came across such when we got off the beaten path in Iowa on a trip to see my brother in Omaha a number of years ago.  We were able to spot a number of "quilts" in Sac County that added a vibrant texture to an otherwise snowy, drab landscape.  Here is a picture of the "Barn Quilt" that John Lund and I recently installed at city hall.
I am hoping others around town or around the lake will add their creativity to our area and create a quilt to display at their homestead.  They can be any size and any shape, although a square lends itself best to most designs.
If you would like help in getting started or need some paint colors to borrow, let me know.  I would love to help.  And if anyone has an extra sheet of plywood at least 3 feet by 3 feet, we can balance out the city hall with a second quilt!