Week of January 21, 2018

I love January.  The days are getting longer and there are critter sightings that spring is around the corner.  Last week was a great week to be a birder.  Cedar waxwings were chattering at me as I walked the back pond, the next day I saw a bald eagle posted on a snag on Lost Lake's shore, and last night I spotted a snowy owl as I came home after suffering through the last Vikings game.  The owl was seen just outside Katherine Abbott in Mahtomedi--it was unmistakable as its white body took flight in the dark night.  I haven't seen a snowy owl since the last time the Vikings were in a Super Bowl.  Seemed like yesterday, or maybe an eternity.
Of course, the heavy snow has dramatically changed the scenery again.
But, winter is not nearly rough when everything is beautiful.  Enjoy.