2019 Lead Notification

During the week of October 20, 2019, the City received notice from the City of White Bear Lake that lead was discovered in the drinking water there.  Because Birchwood Village buys its water from the City of White Bear Lake, this notice is being posted here for you as well.  Lead was found in the water at 4 out of 30 homes tested within the City of White Bear Lake and in each case it was determined that the source of the lead was the plumbing in that specific house.  Accordingly, there is no reason to be concerned about your water.  In fact, Birchwood also tests the water from its end as well and the recent water samples were found to be in compliance with Safe Drinking Water Rules by the Minnesota Department of Health. 

If your home was constructed before 1986, your plumbing may still contain lead, which can elevate lead levels in your tap water.  Please see the materials below to learn more about the White Bear Lake notice or what to do if you suspect lead in your home's plumbing.