Week of June 28, 2020

Seems I have recently exhausted most of the bits "on my list" and have morphed to tackling things in Birchwood.

This past week Chris Sorenson and I realigned the basketball boards perpendicular with the ice rink.  Maybe they were installed kitty wompous or maybe a gale force wind did them wrong, but they are back in place now with new backboards and nets for the summer season.

Then Dave Trepanier and I trimmed up the ice rink arborvitae at the council's request.  Dave had some extra energy and space in his monster trailer so we trimmed all the trees in Tighe-Schmitz park, then hauled the debris off to the dump.

The next day it was time to get after the city garage.  It had accumulated much stuff that made it difficult to get to the stuff we actually needed.

Luckily, Kelly and Dave Strobel walked by at an opportune time and hauled some heavy cast iron sewer parts down to the village hall lower basement.

(That is where things go to live out their lives until someone later decides it has value (think village hall bell) or declares the items absolutely unusable and they get tossed. All that usually takes a generation or two.)

Later in the week Dave Trepanier and his monster trailer were again enlisted and we loaded up 1/2 ton of extra road salt and headed off to the Washington County Highway Department.  Washington County is doing the final repaving of East County Line/South Shore Blvd Birchwood Lane lift station removal project at no cost to us, so we figured it was the least we could do.

Then city worker Jim and I took care of marking the road salt bins to help a few people understand that they are not dog poo depositories.  Poo baking in the hot sun is quite an odoriferous affair.  Having to remove it is beyond any pay scale we have on staff.  Hopefully, those few dog owners will now find the appropriate storage bin for their dogs' business.

While Jim and I were doing that, I got a request to put up a sign at Grotto street.  Got that done too.

Then on the way home from that project, new neighbors Bob and Rhea offered to join the invasive yellow iris pulling brigade.  Actually, we three were the brigade. Within the hour we were decked out in waders and shovels and pulling up the buggers. I don't know what hauling dead bodies is like, but it seemed we were doing just that. Bob, being an ex-firefighter, confirmed as much. We cleaned up in the lake and returned a tadpole that found its way into our waders before heading home.

Whew. That is enough for.one week.  Now it is time to get back to taking care of the dog and going out on my bike...Bike #2 as Bike #1 remains on the lam.  That one is probably in some pawn shop or at the bottom of a swamp somewhere.  In the meantime, enjoy the amenities and let me know if you want to be part of the fun next time.