Week of July 19, 2020

After our conversation with White Bear Lake officials about our water rates a few weeks ago, I got to wondering how well their water softening facility was doing its job. White Bear has a "pretreatment" facility by Gall's Golf Course. During that conversation, we were told that their facilities were in dire need of repair. 
So I took a water sample over to Finken's (fka Zachman's) recently and had it tested. It turns out the water is hard-- 9 grains (which means the equivalent of 9 wheat grains of minerals per gallon of water). That is definitely hard water.  Mahtomedi's is even harder though...usually 10 to 15 grains.
Hard water causes scale on fixtures. It is hard on mechanical systems too (dishwashers, tankless water heaters, etc).  For years, I thought White Bear water "softening" was extending the life of these appliances. Now I am not so sure it is any more.
As an informal survey, do you have a water softener? Have you noticed an increase in hardness (and mineral deposits) over the recent years? Let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you. Wingfield.mary@gmail.com

Thursday night at about 8:45 pm, a black Ford pickup truck with an extended cab and a wide silver band across the tailgate came flying from Mahtomedi onto Birchwood Road at an extreme rate of speed. He missed two bicyclists and then three walkers. But he missed going past the barricades at the city border and plowed into a retaining wall at 704 Hall.  It took about a minute or two but he was able to get untangled from the debris and went squealing west and clipped the barricade at Jay St.  The police were immediately called.

The impact with the retaining wall caused his ball cap to fly out of the cab. The force might have caused the air bags to explode. Regardless, the vehicle must have sustained front end damage.  The right side view mirror was broken off as well. 

The speed and recklessness of this act was extremely dangerous. If you can aid with any other information, please contact the police.