Week of January 12, 2020

New year. New decade.  The council has opted to go back to having our own assessor value our properties.  This used to be the case some years ago, but somewhere along the way, the county became our assessor and began charging for their services.  The end result is our contract has gone up over 20% the last eight years.  Now we are reverting to the rate we were paying eight years ago.
In addition, we lost touch with resident input on the process.  So if a property owner wanted their property value reviewed, they would have to appear in Cottage Grove, Woodbury, Stillwater or Oakdale...along with all the other county property owners in the same boat.  And the city never got any feedback from the county.
Starting in 2021, the city will hold its own "open book" meeting and give you the convenience of being heard with an assessor who will know our community and strive for fairness.  In addition, our Assessor Chase Peloquin will be available to answer questions and review your concerns and schedule a personal meeting at your convenience.  The council is in the process of being certified for participating in the process.  We think you will find our efforts worth the change.