Week of March 8, 2020

There is a lot going on with our country, our region and our city. The unknowns are many.  It can be depressing.  But lets keep our eyes on what we can do-- take care of yourself and your family.  Make sure your choices are low risk for direct contact with others.  And like mom always said, wash your hands and don't touch your mouth and nose.
The City is involved with emergency operations that are being coordinated by the state and county.  I trust that they will keep us informed and are prepared for whatever comes our way.
On a brighter note, my day was made Tuesday when two trumpeter swans flew overhead and landed on black ice.  They thought it was open water, so they had a long butt-skid before they coasted to a stop.  And the owls have been busy and prolific.  I hope you have been able to see or hear them.
More on what is new here in Birchwood next time.