Week of April 12, 2020

For those of you keeping score at home, we have two lift stations and the main one (that serves the whole community) was knocked out of service in February by a water main break in White Bear Township.  The damage was extreme: some residents had sewage back up in their homes, our contractors were summoned to set up emergency back up pumping, our sewage volume increased dramatically (remember, it costs 3x the cost of water to process), and it completely buggered up our electrical system that runs the pumps.  This damage is a long-term issue as the corrosion that the break initiated, is now ongoing.
Our League of Minnesota Cities insurance claim will reimburse us for our loses, but only to the extent of "fixing" the damage.
They will not reimburse us to avoid the ongoing corrosion that the break precipitated.  Since the lift station lacks any holding capacity to avoid a sewage back up during a pump failure, and since the station design is an OSHA hazard (a person needs to go down in the hole regularly to monitor the pumps, exposing them to sewer gas toxicity), we are now facing the reality that the Wildwood Lift Station needs to be replaced.  However, this is not an emergency situation and we have time to seek funding grants and plan for costs.  The council has initiated the first step of ordering an assessment study.
We will keep you posted.