Week of May 24, 2020

The silver lining in the corona virus Stay at Home situation is things are getting cleaned up around town.  Polly's Park (between Birchwood Ave and White Pine Lane) is looking better.  Brush and big logs have been removed (Thanks Steve Dean) and the drainage weir has been rebuilt.  It was fun to see neighbors coming by and checking on our progress and thanking us.  

The second "Barn Quilt" has been hung at the Village Hall.  Thanks to John Lund for helping hang it and to the Monettes for donating the wood.  The Monettes spurred me on to the second phase of this project-- they have their own creation proudly hung at their house at Cedar and Oakridge.  Let me know if you want to join the movement.  We have paint and expertise to share.

The village hall garden and window box are now ready to grow when the weather finally cooperates.  And the beaches and Jay Path have been spruced up and the city dock at Kay Beach has been put out.  With more people home, we hope you are able to enjoy the improvements.

Stay safe.  Be healthy.  And smile. We are making progress.