Week of December 20, 2020

The Village Hall Building committee has been obtaining bids to remove the siding on the Hall.  The original facade appears to be underneath, but it remains to be seen what condition it is in.  The committee is hopeful that the original siding can be restored, assuming it is cost-effective.  We shall know soon enough. Meanwhile, the cedar boards we take off can be used to repair the rotten siding on the back, "new" addition.  The goal is to get the exterior weather-tight before moving on to tackle the issues with the inside (ADA non-compliant, moldy office space, leaky office roof).


We have been looking in the archives for any documents to help guide us.  We found the original basement plans and the building specs, but no elevations or first floor plans.  If you have any pictures of the building (pre 1974 when the cedar siding was added), please let us know. We would love to have you share them with everyone.


Also of interest are the plans for two town halls that were submitted, but not built.  Take a look at them as well as our building specs on our website.  They are very cool.

Village Hall Building Specs

Village Hall Option 2

Village Hall Option 3





Another car was broken into on the 400 block of Birchwood Avenue.

Valuable contents were taken and the police were called.  This may be

the same brazen crook from May.   The doors, glove box and trunk were

left open much like the prior incident in which he left the garage and service door wide open before stealing the car.


If you see anyone suspicious in the neighborhood, please call 911. We don't need any Grinches wrecking our holidays.



A merry Christmas and better new year to all.