Week of April 26, 2020

Despite our continued sequestration, we are still working on making our city a great place to live.  Here are some of the improvements we are making: wood chips, plantings and some landscaping will be done on our new Jay path, the Tighe-Schmitz ball field is going to be seeded with grass and made green again.  (The backstop will remain in case anyone wants to play ball informally), Kay Beach city dock is going in, and kayak racks are open for rental.  

And neighbors Mark and Mary Cahill, joined me in our annual litter pick up--which actually stretched into the Mahtomedi wetlands all the way over to the Lakeside Club.  It was fun trying to snag things that tested the limits of our "litter" retriever without getting wet.  We bagged seven large dog food bags full.  Most common item: plastic. Oddest bit: a lemon in perfect shape.  A number of passers-by thanked us.  And it was a great way to be social and safe on a beautiful day.

Stay well!