Week of July 26, 2020

Last week local elected officials were treated to a sneak preview of the new Wildwood Library.  The building is light and airy with lots of tech connections.  There are plenty of meeting areas and sitting areas.  And it is 67% more efficient than the last building (which might have been a low bar as anyone who used the women's restroom in the old building in the winter knew it was like going into an ice box).  The centerpiece is a huge etching of the old Wildwood Park roller coaster "The Pippen" just behind the staff counter.  Very cool.
During the tour, my thoughts turned to Marlyce Lee* and the fact that she had recently passed away.  She would have loved being there.  Marlyce (and the two librarians preceding her: Mrs. Garin and Mrs. Holly) was "Mrs. Wildwood" and all were instrumental in our community having such a great resource.  We have come a long way from the days when the library was in the old bakery in Willernie (next to the Post Office).  Let's hope that this building lasts longer than the last...our tour guide was quick to point out that was Job One.
The library is now open with an official opening later in August. You can get pickup service if you prefer not to go indoors.  Enjoy!
*Marlyce was the Birchwood Parade grand marshal in 2006.  It was something she cherished as noted in her obituary.