Week of May 10, 2020

I usually start planning the Birchwood Parade around Memorial Day.
This year everything is different.  Most popular events are being cancelled for the foreseeable future.  Our parade is in the cross hairs of the same issues--too many people in a small area together with older folks along with those having pre-existing conditions.
Frankly, it is not safe to hold our beloved parade as we know it under these circumstances.
That being said, what ideas do you have to make Year #68 happen? Send your ideas to me at Wingfield.mary@gmail.com.  If you get really trippy and  techy on me, I will have to anoint you Tech Czar to help pull it off.
I will post your ideas in this space for others to weigh in on making a selection.
Thanks for pitching in to keep the tradition alive to make sure we are all safe and sound.