General City Information



POWER OUTAGES AT LIFT STATIONS : If you hear an alarm, please call:  651-439-9381 (Washington County Sheriff non-emergency number).

SEWER BACKUP PROBLEMS: residents can help to keep our sewer lines clear: do not pour grease into the drains, do not flush sanitary products, swiffers, diapers, shop rags or anything manufactured product that is not toilet paper down the toilet. Remember, in the end, your tax dollar or sewer charge pays for emergency services required when the sewers back up.


  • The city of St Anthony Village handles all aspects of the quarterly billing.
  • Pay your bill by Automated Withdrawal (ACH) and never pay a late fee.
  • Drop off your bill at our Village Hall door slot or mail payment in the green envelope provided in your bill
  • Are you moving or do you have a renter moving? Please notify the office so the utility bills have current names, address and charges.


The city takes pride in being a good steward of our resources. With the low lake level, it is important to use water efficiently.   The City of White Bear Lake provides our water and issues sprinkling bans in the summer as necessary. Please look for such notices in the WHITE BEAR PRESS.

                *Adjust sprinklers to only water grassy areas.
                *Mow grass to 2-3 inches.
                *Water one inch of water per week (including precipitation)
                *Only water when needed.
                *A good soaking once a week is better than watering each day.
                *Water during the cool part of day (4 am - 8 am or 4 pm - 9 pm).


  • Both services provided by Tennis Sanitation.
  • Garbage pick-up is every Thursday; Recycling is every other Thursday. Please remove your garbage/recycling cans from the curb on the day of pickup.
  • Garbage is charged by volume. Tennis bills residents directly. If you need a smaller or larger can, Tennis can help you with that. There is no charge to residents for recycling.
  • Tennis limits the number of truck trips through town-- If you live on Hall Avenue, Wildwood Avenue, Lake Avenue, Birchwood Lane or Birchwood Avenue, most of these streets have pick up on only on side of the street…check to see where your neighbors place their cans to guide you. Please help save wear and tear on our streets.


SPRING AND FALL LEAF PICK-UP. Details are available on the city website or the March and September quarterly newsletters.


  • Tighe Schmitz Park is located at 410 Lake Avenue. It has a paved hockey rink that can be used in the summer as well as the winter. The park also hosts a large grassy field. For the young at heart, there is also playground equipment.  
  • Bloomquist Park is locate at 210 Birchwood Avenue. It has a small playground, two flex-surface tennis courts and a natural walkway between Cedar Street and Birchwood Avenue.
  • Polly's Park (previously known as Nordling Park) is located at 12 White Pine Lane. It is an undeveloped natural space and features a walkway between Birchwood Avenue and White Pine Lane.
  • Wildwood Park is located at 220 Wildwood Avenue. It features a long grassy space with picnic table, bench and flagpole. The annual Birchwood Village Fourth of July celebration takes place at this site.  
  • Ash Beach is located at 143B Wildwood Avenue. It features canoe/kayak racks and a grassy hillside.
  • Birch Beach is located at 199B Wildwood Avenue. It features a large natural space, rain garden, bench, and canoe/kayak racks.
  • Elm Beach is located at 285B Wildwood Avenue. It features a quaint pathway down to the beach, a bench, and canoe/kayak racks.
  • Dellwood Beach is located at 407B Lake Avenue. It features a large grassy space, picnic table, and canoe/kayak racks.
  • Kay Beach is located at 495B Lake Avenue. It features a grassy space, picnic table, bench, canoe/kayak racks, and a public swimming dock. Motorized water craft are prohibited at this beach.   
  • Ash Path is located just west of 107 Birchwood Avenue on the south and 128 Wildwood Avenue on the north. It provides a natural walkway between Wildwood and Birchwood Avenues.
  • Birch Path is located between Birch Street on the west and Owl Street on the east and provides a cut through between Birchwood and Wildwood Avenues. 
  • Bloomquist Path is located along the far west side of Bloomquist Park and provides a natural walkway between Birchwood Avenue on the north and Cedar Street on the south.
  • Grotto Path is located between Hall Avenue on the west and Tighe-Schmitz Park on the east. It features a staircase at Hall Avenue and a shortcut into Tighe-Schmitz Park. 
  • Jay Path is located between 613 Wildwood Avenue on the west and Hall's Marsh on the east. It provides a safe, scenic walkway between Lake and Wildwood Avenues.  
  • Natural spaces are Curt Feistner Memorial Preserve located on the lake at 4110B East County Line Road N, and Hall’s Marsh located just east of Tighe-Schmitz Park. There are also several undeveloped City right-of-ways throughout town. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE no dumping brush or leaves of any kind at any of the Birchwood Village parks or natural spaces!

BIRCHWOOD DOCK ASSOCIATION Dues are $35 per year payable directly to the Birchwood Dock Association c/o Lynn Hanson, treasurer, 700 Hall Avenue, WBL, MN 55110. Dues allow you to vote on Dock Association matters. In addition, you can have your name added to the wait list for a boat slip by sending a $200 deposit to City Hall. The dock association manages the wait list. Wait time is about 2-4 years. Click HERE for applications and further details. 

CANOE AND KAYAK RACKS Located at each City beach. Available on a first come, first served basis, but you must register your space with the City Hall. Registration opens March 1st and the racks are available from April 1st until October 31st. Click HERE for applications and further details.

BIRCHWOOD COMMUNITY CLUB Dues are $4 per year payable directly to the Birchwood Community Club. c/o Mary Wingfield, treasurer, 730 Birchwood Avenue, WBL, MN 55110. Dues cover the cost of the Fourth of July Parade, Common Table Pot Lucks, Christmas Party, Across the Lake Swim, and semi-annual Perennial Plant Exchanges.

DOG AND CHICKEN LICENSES Chicken licenses are for 2 years. Dog licenses are for 3 years. Applications are available on line or at the village hall.

VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS WANTED: If you see something you would like done and would like to help, let us know. We are a community that relies on each other to pitch in to make it happen!

E-MAIL ALERT PROGRAM To receive important information about important city matters, please sign up by clicking HERE.


WATCH CABLE CHANNEL 16 for local programming (including council meetings) and announcements. Re-broadcasts of monthly council meetings are Thursday at 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m, and Saturdays at 12:00 noon.

VILLAGE HALL RENTAL Available for private functions. Please click HERE for more info.

BUCKTHORN WRENCH Available free of charge at City Hall. You supply the elbow grease.


The city code addresses how diseased trees, including those with oak wilt, must be handled.

Here is some more information that should be helpful in reducing the spread of oak wilt:

All oak trees within the designated oak wilt control area of the City diagnosed as having oak wilt should be isolated from neighboring healthy oak trees of the same species by chemical or mechanical disruption of common root systems to prevent root graft transmission of the oak wilt fungus. To control the overland spread of oak wilt, the pruning of oaks shall be avoided during the most susceptible period of infection, from April l5 until July l. If wounding is unavoidable during this period, as in the aftermath of a storm or when the tree interferes with utility lines, a tree wound dressing shall be applied immediately.


Washington County Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 4039 Cottage Grove Drive in Woodbury. It is open: Tuesday noon-7 pm and Thursdays and Saturdays 9 am - 2 pm.


All houses must have a clearly visible address number posted. The White Bear Lake Fire Department notes that when homes are re-sided or additions made that numbers are sometimes removed or damaged. Fire, medical and police emergency responders depend on these house numbers to respond quickly to a 911 location. Local code officials recommend that numbers contrast with the background of the residence and be at least 5 inches in height by ¾ inches wide.

STREET LIGHT OUT?  If you notice street light out or blinking, please call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999.




City Administrator— info@cityof or 651-426-3403

Utility Billing: 612-782-3317

Washington County Sheriff: 911 or non-emergency 651-439-9381

Tennis Sanitation: 651-459-1887 or