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Parks and Natural Resources Committee Info

The purpose of the Parks and Natural Resources Committee is to maintain and enhance all the public areas within the City of Birchwood, including: Tighe-Schmitz Park; Bloomquist Field; Wildwood Park; Nordling Park; Kurt Feistner Preserve; Ash, Grotto, and Birch walkways; Ash, Elm, Kay, Dellwood, and Birch Beaches; and other public spaces within the City. 

The Committee meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm as needed to address matters assigned by the City Council. Committee Members serve 3 year terms (expiring the July following their 3 year anniversary). The City Council liaisons to this Committee are Councilmembers Megan Malvey and Trilby White.

Committee Contact:
Liaison Contacts:

Members are:

Houstoun Clinch (Chair) (exp. July 2021)

Dave Remely (Secretary) (exp. July 2021)

Judy Walker (exp. July 2021)

Bridget Sperl (exp. July 2020)

Analeisha Vang (exp. July 2020)

James Nelson (exp. July 2019)

Scott Howe (exp. July 2019)