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Birchwood Docks and Boat Slips

Birchwood has 5 lake tracts which provide access to the lake for all residents to enjoy as parks located along the lakeshore.  Residents can use these parks for swimming and picnicking. The Ash Beach is reserved for swimming only and no boats are allowed to be moored at this dock.

Each park has a private dock owned and maintained by the Birchwood Dock Association. This  Association manages the docks for the use and enjoyment of Association members. Every Birchwood resident is considered a member of the Association; meaning all residents may access and use the docks free of charge.

While members can use any of the 4 docks, there are boat slips available only at Ash Beach, Birch Beach, Elm Beach and Dellwood Beach. The Association is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the 5 docks and charges special fees to boat slip holders. The City regulates its own set of dock\boat\lift fees and the waiting list for boat slips. Annual Association membership meetings are held in the fall and spring.

Residents should contact the Birchwood Dock Association (info below) to pay for membership, place a boat at one of these four docks, to get further information about how to get on the waiting list and what other regulations and terms exist.
The City Council liaison to the Birchwood Dock Association is Councilmember Megan Malvey.
Contact Info:
Birchwood Dock Association
700 Hall Avenue
Birchwood, MN 55110
651-429-6259 - Association Secretary (Mary Sue Simmons)
Once a boat slip is obtained, a resident can use the slip for 6 years.  All boats must be placed on a lift. Lifts are stored during the winter months on the lake tract and owners must pay a City fee of $100.
Board of Directors:
President: Dana Klimp
Vice President: Chris Churchill
Secretary: Mary Sue Simmons
Treasurer: Lynn Hanson
Member at Large: Debbie Harrod