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Personnel Committee

The purpose of the Personnel Committee is to liaise with city staff on administrative and personnel matters, including performance reviews, time sheets, employment agreement issues, and other human resource matters and other matters as assigned by the City Council. 

The Committee consists of the Mayor and one City Council Member elected by the Council; both serve as Council liaisons to city staff but one also serves as the Committee Director.  The Mayor serves two year terms (following his/her Mayoral terms) and the elected Council Member serves one year terms (appointed each January with the Council assignments vote); both may serve more than one term.  The Committee only meets as needed and only after posting a three-day notice to the City Hall bulletin board and the City website, stating the purpose of the meeting.  

The Committee is not required to create agendas but when such is created, it will be posted below. 

Committee Liaisons are:

Mayor Mary Wingfield (Director) 

    Email:; Telephone: 651-426-2523

Councilmember Randy LaFoy

    Email:; Telephone: 651-429-9229