City of Birchwood Village

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Birchwood Roads and Streets Committee

The Birchwood Roads and Streets Committee provides the village a resident focused method for planning and execution of maintenance of our city roads.  This committee has helped to eliminate the need for assessments outside of annual general fund forecasts in ensuring our roads are in good condition as well as maintained through street sweeping and snow removal.  Committee Members serve 3 year terms.

The Committee meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm. The City Council liaison is Councilmember Kevin Woolstencroft.

Members are:

Tom Stangl (Chair) (exp. July 2019)

Gene Ruehle (exp. July 2020)

John Anderson (exp. July 2020)

Ben Creagh (exp. July 2019)

Terry Granec (exp. July 2020)

Tom Patsy (exp. July 2020)

Mary Wingfield (exp. July 2020)